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Health & Safety Policy
The management of ATERMON S.A commits to reduce its impact on Health and Safety, in the construction of its projects and its day to day operation, by implementing the Occupational Health and Safety Management System-Requirements OHSAS 18001:2007.

The company’s primary and highest target is the provision and maintenance of safe work conditions, in the execution of all its activities, on sites and installations, by following the regulatory framework and contractual obligations, in conformity with legislation and standards, without accidents or incidents that could harm the health and safety of personnel, of third parties and/or the environment.

The company intends to take all necessary measures for promoting Health and Safety and in order to achieve this, the company is committed to:

- Prevention of injuries, ill health and adverse Health and Safety incidents as a result of its operation and activities that could possible harm its employees, subcontractors personnel at undertaken projects or third parties

- Providing the technical support of the equipment and the provision of all relevant user manuals, as well as for the maintenance and good operation of all its installations

- Ensuring the assistance and participation of competent, qualified, knowledgeable and informed personnel, in all levels and work teams of ATERMON S.A

- Complying with applicable health and safety legal and other requirements

- Providing appropriate information, instruction and training, ensuring all employees are aware of their Health and Safety obligations

- Minimizing risk and protecting employees and the community in which we operate by employing safe technologies and operating procedures

- Providing sufficient resources so as to achieve our health and safety objectives and targets and the continual improvement of the Health and Safety Management System

- Encouraging everyone to participate in the avoidance or minimization of insecure conditions, so that every employee who is involved in administrative or construction processes of the company may assist on his own or in collaboration with others in the amelioration of the work environment

- Communicating its commitments to Health and Safety to all company personnel customers, suppliers and subcontractors, the general public and other interested parties