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Quality Policy
In the frame of the quality system established in line with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 ATERMON is committed to an effective initiation, organization, management, materialization and completion of the projects undertakenι, based on the satisfaction of the customers, the continuous improvement of its performance at all levels, the response to rules of science and craft and compliance with the legal requirements and the company’s specifications.

ATERMON’s leadership takes the responsibility for the drafting, implementation, integration and maintenance of the Quality Management System and commits to the active support and the availability of sufficient resources for its operation and the continuous improvement of its effectiveness.

ATERMON’ s strategic orientation has been planned with the following targets:

  • Execution of projects in time, according to required quality, health, safety and environmental requirements.
  • Time, cost, quality monitoring of projects in accordance to requirement of the quality management system, the contract, the specifications and the company interests.
  • Decreasing of project cost by proper planning and regular revising actions and processes.

The objectives of our company are:

  • Adequate understanding of the market and the customer requirements.
  • Establishment of know how basis in the company and transfer from project to project.
  • Processing of complaints from interested partied and formulation and monitoring of proper actions.
  • Minimizing of non-conformances in projects and the company.
  • Evaluation and statistical processing of quality data in order to improve the project view.
  • Continuous information on the developments in the construction sector (legal, technical. Opportunities etc).
  • Training of personnel in accordance to the needs, in order to maintain a high level of qualification.
  • Communication of targets and objectives to employees and support so that everyone can contribute to the effectiveness of the management system στο βαθμό που του αναλογεί.
  • Regular Management review of the company’s objectives, in order to adopt new needs and market developments, legal requirements as well as the accomplishment of the target for continual improvement of its operation and execution of projects.